Small Business Accounting with Quickbooks Online

Understanding an entirely new system can be overwhelming, frustrating, and JUST hard.

As entrepreneurs, we "wear all the hats", do all the things, and you don't have the time to research and execute a new software and know the best processes to apply to your unique small business flow.

In this course, you will discover not only the basics of accounting that apply to your business but how to easily maintain accurate records and bookkeeping in QBO.

Our course will walk you through everything from setting up a new QuickBooks Online, invoicing customers, reconciling accounts, automation of tasks, and much, much, more.

If you want to learn how to manage your QuickBooks Online to grow your business (without spending forever doing it) then this course is perfect for you.

The Full Time Job You Didn't Ask For

Managing your business' finances can be a full-time job in itself. You need to keep track of invoices matched with payments, categorize transactions, pay bills, and grow your business at the same time.

If you don't have an accounting degree or an available CPA on hand this task can be overwhelming and get put off until the last minute. That. Is the worst possible thing you could do to yourself. Money & deadlines looming overhead is not an ideal time to try and figure it out.

We created Small Business Accounting with Quickbooks Online just for entrepreneurs like you who want to learn how to use QBO and be on top of their finances but aren't sure where to start or how to maintain proper bookkeeping.

Our course will fast-track you on all topics from a brand new account set up, to reconciling your accounts and running financial statement reports.

Small Business Accounting with Quickbooks Online

The Entrepreneurs Quickbooks Online Course is a “get it done” program for entrepreneurs who want to save time, money, and finally, understand their reports + accounting software.

What we'll learn:

accounting 101 & set up

Learn how to read financial statements and understand the basic principles of accounting in QBO. We will set up a new QBO from scratch and learn to create accurate financial statements.

Automation & tech

Learn how you get your time back eliminating repetitive entry work. Automation and integration setup is key to making your life easier.

MONEY IN + bank feed

Create & send custom-styled invoices,

pros & cons of payment processors, and how to reduce processing fees. We will define all the different transaction types, what they are used for, and when to use them.

pay people & Troubleshoot

How to pay yourself, subcontractors, and set up payroll when applicable. Also how to spot problems in your books when they arise and how to fix them.

managing taxes

Sales tax is fun. Said no one ever. We will go over how to set up sales tax in QBO, how to pay them, and the best practices for the process.

REconciling & reports

Reconcile all your bank accounts and run your reports.


  • Facebook Group Q&A - Get your questions answered anytime quickly and efficiently
  • Checksheets - Make sure you get all the important parts done and crossed off
  • Account/Category Cheat Sheet - Get my account categorization reference cheat sheet

"Sarah was so much help to me. My bookkeeper ended up leaving this spring and our books were a mess. Sarah helped me step by step. With me being new to QB and never having used it before, she was patient with me and explained every step so I would understand and be able to do the work myself. even now she is still there for me when I have off-the-wall questions on how to do things. I really appreciate all your help.".

- Amanda Nelson

Small Business Accounting with Quickbooks Online

  • 4 Module Learning Sessions
  • 4 Weeks of Accountant +ProAdvisor Support
  • Bookkeeping Task Calendar Reference Sheets
  • Access to future updates

  • Lifetime Access to the course recordings
  • Lifetime Access to Facebook QBO help group
  • Bookkeeping Reference Sheets
  • Business set up needs Master Checklist

Total Value - $Priceless

Next Session Price = $IDK Yet

Today's Price: $497 


(aka: Unfair Advantage at Tax time)

Maximize Your Home Office Tax Deduction - Template + Tutorial ($199 value - save LOADS $$$)

Save thousands $$$$ on your taxes at year-end with this template that calculates the maximum home office deduction allowable by the IRS based on your home.

Quarterly Estimated

Tax Payment Mini-Course ($299 value)

Wouldn't it be fabulous to get to the year-end, file taxes, and owe nothing? We can do that by making quarterly estimated tax payments.

Are You Frustrated Trying to Manage Your Own Books?

Does managing your Quickbooks Online got you feeling some kind of angry frustration?

I have been there. This hasn't always been easy for me. I've thrown my hands up with Quickbooks on many occasions only to come back later to give it another try. Only through these extensive learning opportunities can I now bring you all the things that I got hung up on along the way. Served up here: with solutions.

The majority of small businesses who keep their books in QuickBooks Online are not using it correctly and are not reaping the many money and time-saving benefits it provides. The result is that they do not have accurate books, they waste tons of time, and still end up scrambling at tax time.

Our course will help you learn the complete workflows and review techniques to quickly diagnose and repair the most common QBO issues that entrepreneurs have.


Hi, I'm Sarah Michael. I am a Certified Advanced QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, founder of Get Smart Accounting, and accounting educator. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and the PHR Professional Human Resources Certification.

I am passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and aspiring bookkeepers learn small business accounting with Quickbooks online correctly, easily, and with confidence.

Accurate accounting and knowing your numbers is the ONLY WAY to run a successful and profitable business.

What clients are saying......

"Sarah's knowledge & expertise has taken us so much further, so much faster than we ever imagined. All of her billions of tips have been absolute lifesavers in terms of reducing time, errors, and expense. With Sarah’s help, our books are clean and always give a clear financial picture of what’s going on."

-Larissa McMaster

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"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."

-Zig Ziglar

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